Scream FAQ:

Q: Is "Scream" only for screaming at my computer?
A: No! The world today provides a wealth of things to scream at. In fact, it's fair to say, we live in a golden age for screaming. And screaming's good for you!* So please feel free to scream at anything that makes you scream.

Q: Is a Mac version available? How about Linux?
A: Not yet, but we understand Mac and Linux users need to scream too and may port it in the future if we can figure out how. For now, please try to scream at the Windows version.

Q: Is Scream safe to use?
A: The author believes it to be safe, for your computer at least. It doesn't install anything, or throw things in your registry, etc. However, in certain situations, it can make your Windows temporarily behave strangely. Anyway, please read Scream's health warnings* and technical disclaimers**, as well as the Known bugs and issues section.

Q: Does Scream use a lot of system resources?
A: Not a lot, but some. It should be fine to leave running during most of your computer activities, but if you are playing 3D games or doing something else that's system-intensive, you might want to quit Scream while you are doing those things. However, you don't have to quit screaming...

Q: Is the Scream Music Video available as a short film, suitable for screening at festivals?
A: Yes! Scream's approach to digital cinema is also released as the short film "Desktop Opus 1.0." You can download a high quality 320x240 mpeg of the full film including titles here. (25MB.) It's the same as the Scream Music Video (10 MB) but a little bit higher quality and with titles. If you are interested in a full resolution screening copy on DVD or other format, please contact:
scream #!at!#
By the way, if you like Windows as a music visualizer, you might check out WIMP, a full-featured, dedicated Windows VJ tool and music visualizer by Victor Laskin and Alexei Shulgin at DXLab.


Known bugs and issues so far:

- Be sure that your Recording input on your sound mixer is set to microphone before starting Scream. If it's set to something like "stereo mixer," Scream can think there's a loud sound happening and go bonkers when it starts. If you want to use Scream with an internal sound source, it's best to launch the software with the mixer set to microphone input, then turn Scream's tolerance up very high, then switch the mixer to the source you want and turn Scream's tolerance down til it responds.

- Sometimes after using Scream for awhile, Windows gets confused about which windows are in front. This can affect the dialog boxes that Scream displays when you select something from the menu. So if you select a menu option and no dialog appears, try sliding windows out of the way - it's probably behind them. Windows 2000 seems to have this problem more often than Windows XP. On the other hand, sometimes if the dialog doesn't appear, it's just that you didn't quite click on the menu selection. So sometimes, you just need to try selecting it again.

- When used as a music visualizer Scream can occasionally get a little strange. If any of your Windows seem to have gotten "lost" from the desktop, just close them in the menu bar and then reopen them.

- Occasionally Scream or its menus may temporarily seem to stop responding. If that happens, right-mouse click on the Scream tray icon again and select the Scream Tolerance option. Reset the tolerance if necessary and hit OK. This usually revives it.

- When in doubt, reboot.


Scream System Requirements:

-Windows XP/2000/98. (ME should work too but is not tested.)
-Microphone (built-in laptop mic is ideal.)


Scream: The Screaming Enhancer.

Amy Alexander/
v. 0.1 May 2005
scream #!at!#


*These statements have not been evaulated by the Food and Drug Administration or equivalent body of any country. Scream is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. Excessive screaming will hurt your throat. Only scream in moderation and never scream while eating, drinking, sleeping, or operating heavy machinery.

** As with just about any piece of software, the author takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your computer, your throat, or anything else.

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