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Welcome to Scream! Current version is Scream-0.1 beta. 
Scream is tested on Windows XP/2000/98. 
Please read the enclosed README file for Very Important Instructions and other info. 

Especially This Part:

*** IMPORTANT ***  
	The "Scream Tolerance" is initially set to a fairly high level, to prevent annoying false 
	positives resulting from ambient sounds at startup. You will likely need to set the threshold 
	lower to get Scream to respond. After launching Scream, *Right Click* on the Scream icon
	in your system tray, then left click on Scream Tolerance and try gradually lower settings 
	(changes don't take effect until you hit "OK".) A setting around "50" is usually OK for 

	The system tray is in your taskbar. Usually the lower righthand portion of your screen. 
****************** Once you have the tolerance set to a comfortable level, assuming your microphone is set up OK and you have some windows open, you can just sit back and scream.