Scream Credits

Software: Amy Alexander -
Contact: scream #!at!#

Website design: Annina Rüst
Thanks for software help to Jeff Knowlton and Annina Rüst.

Scream Logo by Amy Alexander. Based on a design by Edvard Munch.
"Flight of the Bumble Bee" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

The multi-colored desktop wallpaper that appears in the demos is generated by Paul Camacho's Minimalistic.

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Scream Press


Random-Magazine (in Italian) (in Italian) and (in English).
Libero News (in Italian)
DigiMag (in Italian) (in Italian)
Furtherfield (in English) (in English)

Blogs, Forums and Other Stuff: (repost of release - in English) (repost of release - in English)
mind the __ GAP*? (in English)
The closest exit may be the one behind you (in English)
Jazz: the music of unemployment (in English)
Il forum di Lcrimail (in Italian)
Monochrom (repost of release - in English) (repost of release - in English)
Media Art Lab (in Russian)
TuttoBimby + TuttiPrimi = TuttINcucina (in Italian)
Old Games Italia (in Italian)
Pasta and vinegar (in English) (project description in Italian)
Isolachenoncè (project description in Italian)
Media-Teletipos (repost of release - in English)
Wrestling World (in Italian)

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